J0KeR’s Electric Circus Radio Show – Interviews – Alexander Langner of – Devastruction – 2-21-20

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J0KeR’s Electric Circus Radio Show – Interviews – Alexander Langner of Devastruction- – 2-21-20 @ Metal Messiah Radio

Devastruction is a Thrash Metal Band from Dortmund, Germany.

Thrash Metal

Band Members
Daniel Gottschalk
Alexander Voß
Dirk Modler
Alexander Langner

Formed in 2016 with their current line-up, Devastruction released their first EP „Alien Thrash Force Attack“ one year later in 2017. The EP includes six self-composed Songs, which were recorded independently in their rehearsal room. In the following years Devastruction established themselves in the underground-metal-scene by playing various gigs together with Stallion, Rezet, Space Chaser, Iron Kobra, Idle Hands and other aspiring bands.
The band evolved their sound and techniques which resulted in the recording of their first LP. „Space Force One“ was recorded and mixed at the „DNA-Studios“ in Menden in early 2019 under professional conditions. The title-track was inspired by the US military space program, in order to that, the eight tracks portray a mixture of humorous texts about alien-encounter and more serious, political and socio-ciritcal topics. In terms of sound and techniques, the LP is way more ambitious while fast thrash-metal-riffs and the aggressive vocals remain focused


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