ARS ONIRICA Alessandro Sforza interviewed on TMB Metal Messsiah Radio Inter on March 14th 2020

All rights reserved to Ars Onirica.

The project Ars Onirica was created in 2003 in Rome with a sound influenced by bands such as Katatonia, Opeth and Novembre. After the release of a self-produced demo “Utopia: A Winter-night’s in 2004 the band broke up and in 2018 Alessandro Sforza brought it back as a solo project releasing the album “I: Cold” (solitude productions/ badmoodmanmusic).

Drums – Flavio Castagnoli (Rome in Monochrome)
Bass – Valerio Lippera (Invernoir)
Guitar – Marco Spiridigliozzi (Distant landscape).

The bands debut full length album “I: Cold” released March 1st 2019 by (solitude productions/ badmoodmanmusic).

Tracklist:1 Intro
2 In Between
3 La Nave
4 In Gloom
5 Cold… (Return To Nowhere)
6 Dust
7 The Loss

The album contains a carefully crafted combination of dense riffs and atmospheric interludes, calm and aggressive moments, including acoustic parts and melodic guitar solos. This wide set of music components creates a unique mixture of the mood of the classical groups of the 90’s with the modern dark scene features appreciated by the fans of the genre.

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