DOOD Drahcir Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int Mar 15 2015

Dood are a band from the Netherlands that plays a raw and depressive form of black metal, founded by Drahcir Nav Olreb, Phenex and Ynzir in 2011.

Dood is the Dutch word for “death” and speaks for itself.

Drahcir Nav Olreb -Vocals/Guitar
Ynzir -Guitars

Gnoom -Drums

2013: Luciferian Manifest (demo, tape).
2015: Liberating Self-Destruction (full-length, cd/tape).

“Liberating Self-Destruction” released August 27, 2015.

1. Tie the Rope 05:38
2. Liberating Self-Destruction 05:08
3. Beyond The Void 04:46
4. Luciferian Manifest 03:12
5. Ab Insidiis Diaboli 05:44
6. Dopamine 03:17
7. Silence 05:54
Total playing time 33:39

All Music and Lyrics by Drahcir / Ynzir.

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