Rectal Smegma Luuk van Gestel Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int June 13 2016

Rectal Smegma was initially formed in 2003 by four guys from the west of The Netherlands, who set out to create brutal gore grind with lots of groove, blastbeats and a humoristic party vibe all over. The band has undergone some member changes for guitar and bass throughout their existence but has started 2015 with their latest and strongest line-up.

Band Members

Walter – Drums
Yannic – Vocals
Baard – Bass
Stijn – Guitars

Rectal Smegma are back with their 5th studio album “Gnork”. Fast Goregrind with a lot of Death Metal and Grindcore elements.
1 Flashpass To The Dead 1:42
2 Gnork 2:13
3 Zombie Zuigtocht (Je Probeert Wat) 1:51
4 Shit Squirting Sandy 1:58
5 Sacred Semen Altar 1:29
6 Goregrind Graveyard 1:34
7 Ballad Of Balls 1:36
8 Chocolate Milfshake 1:39
9 Slime Swine Swing 2:28
10 As I Lay With My Dying Fetus Bride 2:28
11 Retardo Ricardo 1:27
12 Quality Is Our Mission 1:54
13 Poop Chute Meets Morning Wood 2:21
14 Ass Crack Carnival 1:11
15 Foreskin Mask 1:53
16 Animal Panic Porn Planet 1:21
17 Beer And Benefits 2:07

Surely you still know Rectal Smegma from older releases, tours and festivals world wide, if not Rectal Smegma is recommended for fans of Last Days Of Humanity, Dead Infection, Regurgitate or Dahmer.

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