Frowning Val Atra Niteris interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int Feb 22nd 2015

Val Atra Niteris, the mastermind behind the one man project formed Frowning in January 2011, impressed by Funeral Doom bands like Pantheist and Evoken Val wrote the first song: Day In Black. Then a few other songs came (Death Song, The Vicious Circle).

Band Members
Val Atra Niteris – All Instruments and Vocals

In Autumn 2013 Frowning decided to make a Split-EP with the british Doomband “Aphonic Threnody”. The Split came out in April 2014 and is called “Aphonic Threnody VS. Frowning Of Graves, of Worms and Epitapths”.

The CD was released under the russian label GSP-music.

After that EP the californian label Wretched Records asked for a contract – Frowning signed. Now the debut album “Funeral Impressions” is coming and will be released in 25th Oct 2014 under Wretched Records.

1. Intro
2. Obsessed
3. Receive My Tears
4. Day In Black
5. Sleep Eternally
6. Murdered By Grief
7. A Way Into Relief

Label: Solitude Productions

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