WITCHES of DOOM Fed Venditti & Danilo Piludu Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio April 11th 2020

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“WITCHES of DOOM” are a goth-stoner-doom band born in Rome in January 2013, when Federico Venditti (guitars), Danilo Piludu (vocals), Jacopo Cartelli (bass), Andrea Budicin (drums), got together and started their own musical project in order to play a personalized mix of 80’s goth, 70’s hard rock blended with a 90’s sensibility that harks back to Type o’Negative and Moonspell among others, If I’m not wrong the band still continue with all its original members since its formation in 2013.

In May 2013 the band finished arranging the ten tracks that will end up on their debut CD, “Obey” and in November they entered the Hombre Lobo Studios with Fabio Recchia as producer and sound engineer and “Obey” was released on April 2014 with great tunes like : “Needless Needle” – “Rotten to the Core” and more.

In 2016 the band releases their second release “Deadlights”, with some killer tunes like; “Lizard Tongue”- “Black Voodoo Girl” and many more, the album received great acclaims from the public and the press. following the release the band embarks on a series of tours in Europe and Italy supporting well known groups such as Blood Ceremony, Lizzard, Mpire of Evil (ex Venom) and Aborym etc.

The band will worldwide release their 3rd effort “Funeral Radio” on Aoril 3rd 2020 via My Kingdom Music”

“Funeral Radio” tracklist:
1. Master Of Depression
2. Coma Moonlight
3. Queen Of Suburbia
4. Funeral Radio
5. Sister Fire
6. Ghost Train
7. November Flames
8. Hotel Paranoia

“Witches Of Doom” are ready to paint new dark scenarios with the third chapter of their career, standing at the deep heart of each listener with music in the best Black Sabbath, Type O Negative and Danzing tradition with spikes in the dark groove of Moonspell. Just push your mind beyond every limit to discover new territories and emotions with Witches Of Doom dark world.

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