SORCERER Anders Engberg interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio April 18th 2020

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“SORCERER” was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 by Johnny Hagel Bassist (ex Tiamat), Tommy Karlsson Drummer and Peter Furulid Guitarist the singer Anders Engberg (ex Lion’s Share, exTherion, ex220 Volt) joined them as the frontman and together with a second guitarist Mats Liedholm in 1989, after disbanded in 1995 with the departure of Johnny Hagel to joint “TIAMAT”, in 2010 the band reunited for the Hammer of Doom Festival in Germany and in 2011 the band played another successful gig at the Up the Hammers festival in Athen, Greece. After that gig the band decided to write some new songs.  

“SORCERER”Actual line up:
Anders Engberg (vocalist)
Kristian Niemann (guitarist)
Peter Hallgren (guitarist)
Rickard Evensand (drummer)
Justin Biggs (bassist)
Johnny Hagel (co-writer, bassist)

2 years later after the release of the debut album “In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross” the band released their second album “The Crowning of the Fire King” on October 20th 2017 via Metal Blade Records.

The band’s upcoming album Titled “Lamenting of the Innocent” from the Swedish epic doom metal band follows 2017’s The Crowning of the Fire King and is scheduled to be released in May 29th 2020 via Metal Blade Records.

1. Persecution (Intro)
2. The Hammer of Witches
3. Lamenting of the Innocent
4. Institoris
5. Where Spirits Die
6. Deliverance
7. Age of the Damned
8. Condemned
9. Dance with the Devil
10. Path To Perdition
11. Hellfire (Bonus Track – only available on Digipak CD)

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