DISBELIEF Karsten Jagger Jäger Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int May 14th 2017

Formed in Gundernhausen, Hesse Germany in 1990, the band did not had one solid line-up for several years.

They began with vocalist Karsten “Jagger” Jäger, guitarist Oliver “Olly” Lenz and drummer Markus Gnap with guitarist/bassist Denis Musiol joining later.

Current Line up is:
Karsten “Jagger” Jäger Vocalist and the only founding member.
Jochen “Joe” Trunk is the long time and still the Bassist since 1995.
David “Dave“ Renner – is the current Guitar when he replaced Wolfgang Rothbauer in 2013.
Fabian “Fab“ Regmann is the current Drummer when he replaced Sandro Drumster Schulze in 2014.
Alexander “Alex“ Hagenauer as live Guitarist

DISBELIEF ’s brand new album ‘The Symbol of Death’ is scheduled for an April 21st release on Listenable records.

The track listing is as follows;
01. ‘Full Of Terrors’
02. ‘The Unsuspecting One’
03. ‘The Symbol Of Death’
04. ‘Embrace The Blaze’
05. ‘To Defy Control’
06. ‘Rest In Peace’
07. ‘Evil Ghosts’
08. ‘One By One’
09. ‘Nothing To Heal’
10. ‘The Circle’
11. ‘Into Glory Ride’
12. ‘Shattered’
13. ‘Anthem For The Doomed’

DISBELIEF’s new album ‘The Symbol of Death’ proves to be a monster, first, band founder and vocalist ‘Jagger’ s guttural signature has never sounded so intense and relentless, and the precise and bloodthirsty double bass drums back up a colossal wall of thickly produced face melting guitars. Still, the band adds in a melodic flavour that never sounds any obvious all along ‘The Symbol of Death’.

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