Eschaton – “Tides of Betrayal” (Official Drum Play-Through – Darren Cesca)

Artist: Eschaton
Track: Tides of Betrayal
Album: Death Obsession
Year: 2019
Label: Unique Leader Records

Darren’s statement on ‘Tides of Betrayal’…
“Eschaton songs, due to the composition style and intricate guitar playing are each unique for me when coming up with ideas behind the drum kit. Tides of Betrayal is no different. I never write based solely around what I already know, I write based around what I want to hear and what I believe will enhance the song and the listeners experience.
Tides of Betrayal has a combination of grooves, fills and blast beats quickly changing between styles depending on the dynamic that we want to stand out. Towards the end of the song, we did leave a section open for the drums to solo a bit before the final head banging grooves kick in. This is not something we often do in Eschaton songs but it seemed appropriate here. I guess you could say it has a little bit of everything drum wise.”

Josh’s statement on ‘Tides of Betrayal’…
“Guitar-wise, Tides of Betrayal comes from a different place – literally – because I wrote it when I was living in Indonesia. With very few English-speaking friends I turned to my guitar to process some complex emotions and experiences.
Lyrically, the Tides of Betrayal is very politically motivated and more openly angry compared to other Eschaton songs, which are generally more abstract and apocalyptic. This song is an expression in anticipation of revolution, where those who act as if they are untouchable will find themselves at the mercy of those whom they have oppressed.
The drum video is vintage Darren Cesca. Everything is heavy as hell to the ear, but bedazzling to the eye. The combinations he puts together are technical but flow so well with the other instruments. It’s just fun to watch him crush this track almost effortlessly.”

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