Eschaton – “Seal of the Curse” (Official Drum Play-Through – Darren Cesca)

Artist: Eschaton
Track: Seal of the Curse
Album: Death Obsession
Year: 2019
Label: Unique Leader Records

Darren’s statement on ‘Sea of the Curse’…
“I’ve always been a fan of classic video game music and the original composition style of it. I find it to have a lot in common with heavy metal and the way technical music is composed in general. Some songs have multiple voices playing intricate patterns often in a counterpoint style and at high tempos.
I’ve had interest in arranging game music for quite some time and when I brought the idea up it fit perfectly into the style of the band. Castlevania is an iconic game series and many of the themes from it are timeless.
Other bands have arranged classic game music before but I don’t think quite with the intensity, speed and technically that Seal of the Curse brings. I’m hoping to do more of this on future Eschaton releases.”

Josh’s statement on ‘Seal of the Curse’…
“Seal of the Curse is the only instrumental track and the only cover/medley that Eschaton has ever done. Darren loves video game music and was showing me (Josh) some of his favorite gaming music. The Castlevania II soundtrack stuck out to me immediately not only because it’s for one of the coolest NES games of all time, but because of how evil the music sounds and how adaptable it would be to Eschaton’s style. There are lots of metal renditions of Castlevania songs, but none as brutal and relentless as ours.
The drum video puts on full display how intricate Darren’s drumming is. He uses his massive kit in a way that few others could replicate, really branding his own style onto this aggressive medley of some of darkest music you’ll find on NES or even any game on any system.”

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