MAESKYYRN Harslingoth interviewed on TMB Metal Messsiah Radio Int May 2nd 2020

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“MAESKYYRN” is an Atmospheric Depressive Black metal entity born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2017, the band released their first demo “Thoughts Of Shattered Dreams” in January 2018 and assembled as a live band.

Band members:
Saemyaza, The Last Eye: Composition/lead guitar
Harslingoth, The Overseer: lyricist/vocalist
Mehrunes, The Pace Of Blight: drums
Thrafalgar, The Bearer Of Sight: Bass
Past members:
Nemetona, The Grove Keeper: Bass
Noctis, The Veil Of Night: rhythm guitar/back vocals

MAESKYYRN” Canadian Atmospheric Depressive Black metallers released “Interludes” on October 17 2019, their first full length, to the mortal world via Hypnotic Dirge Records.

“Interlude” Tracklist:
1. Intro: The Artificial Light
2. Gathering Believers Among Sheep
3. I
4. These Battlefields, Where None Walk Twice
5. II
6. The Slow Death of the Years & Other Omens
7. III
8. Of Forests and Troubled Past
9. Outro: The End

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