SINISTER Toep Duin & Michał Grall Gralak interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int May 23rd 2020.

All rights reserved to Sinister.

Starting in 1989, Sinister was a band arising in the middle of the Death-Metal hype. Mike, André, Aad en Ron were joining forces and the Sinister sound was born. After releasing a demo, which sold about 1500 copies, a promo tape followed. Sending out the promo to various labels resulted in signing up at Nuclear Blast Records, Germany 1991, since their first full-length album “Cross the Styx” in 1992 to 2017 “Syncretism” the band have released 13 studio album with Ep’s Compilations, shows, festivals and tours all over the world.

Current band members:
Aad Kloosterwaard – Vocals
Walter Tjwa – Guitars
Michal Grall – Guitars
Toep Duin – Drums
Ghislain van der Stel – Bass

“Deformation Of The Holy Realm”, due out through Massacre Records, on March 29th 2020.

“Deformation Of The Holy Realm” features the following tracklist:
1. The Funeral March
2. Deformation Of The Holy Realm
3. Apostles Of The Weak
4. Unbounded Sacrilege
5. Unique Death Experience
6. Scourged By Demons
7. Suffering From Immortal Death
8. Oasis Of Peace – Blood From The Chalice
9. The Ominous Truth
10. Entering The Underworld

SINISTER are back with their 14th studio album “Deformation Of The Holy Realm” and present themselves more uncompromising than ever, with Balanced songs with brutal sound and old-school structures as well as catchy riffs & hooks bring the band one step forward!and leave nothing to be desired!

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