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Obzidian – British Thrash Metal from the Home of Metal since 2001

Obzidian goes back to the founder’s high school days when Baz (guitars), Paul (drums) and Jeffsy (bass) formed the basis of the band in 2001. Having added a couple of further members in the formative years, by early 2005, the line-up was stripped back to just one guitarist, Baz, whilst Matty J was added as frontman and vocalist, and the band’s current groove-laden sound was conceived. In March 2007 the band signed with Casket Records and went on to release their self-titled debut in 2007 and “Damned Eternal” in 2012. They played extensively in support of these two releases building a solid reputation across the UK, sharing the stage with the likes of Sepultura, Crowbar, Il Nino and Arch Enemy.

In 2014 they unleashed their 3rd full length offering “Concrete Psychosis” which was released on 8th September on Rocksector Records. Mark Appleton, label manager at Rocksector says “We first saw Obzidian playing live in Manchester and they immediately impressed. Later when we heard the early mixes of the album we were struck by the extraordinarily tight brutal sound which is clear, concise and immense. They’re an exciting prospect for the label and we relish the opportunity to work with them”.

2015/2016 had been a great year and has seen the band go from strength to strength and build a lot of friendships and partnerships within the local music industry. The band are currently planning dates all over the country and further afield in support of “Obliteration Process”, which was self-produced and released on November 28th 2016. The album has been receiving critical acclaim from both industry professionals and fans and is set to be the Launchpad for the year ahead, even being named as “Album of the Year” by Totally Tankered.

“To put it simply, if you like metal, you have to own this album. Twelve blisteringly heavy slices of pure metallic genius, ‘Obliteration Process’ serves to mark Obzidian out as one of the best bands around. Utterly essential.” – Totally Tankered (10/10)

“Obliteration Process is a modern metallic wrecking ball, as high octane as you can imagine and filled with more riffs and ideas than your tiny little brain can handle. If Lamb of God are too soft for ya, Obzidian are your new go-to-boys! Simply outstanding.” – Worship Metal (9/10)

“With “Obliteration Process”, Obzidian have made an album that is full of heavy, groove-laden riffs, pummelling drums, and pounding bass lines. Containing an extreme vocal style that attacks you with a combination of aggression, growls, and screams, this album is 51+ minutes of non-stop brutality.” – Metal Gods TV (8.5/10)

What the press say:

“A touch of Sabbathy doom and a hint of death metal violence” -Kerrang!

“A set which ends with ‘Vile’ which is probably one of their slowest numbers but still managed to entice the crowd to head bang till the end.” – Get Ready To Rock (SOS Festival review)

“Easily one of my favourite releases this year.” – Midlands Metalheads

“All I know is that Obzidian are brutal. It took just 3 songs for me to go mob the merch stand.” – Metalmouth

Obzidian Members…
– Guitar – Barry Foster
– Vocals – Matthew Jenks
– Bass – Matthew Jeffs
– Drums – Paul Hayward

Obzidian – British Thrash Metal from the Home of Metal since 2001….

Obzidian goes back to the founder’s high school days when Baz (guitars), Paul (drums) and… See More

VW Vanfest BOTB 2009 winners
Surface Festival Finalists 2011
Black Country Metalfest 2010, 2011, 2012 organisers

Streaming Services:https://open.spotify.com/artist/34UwKZMKSud9QZ0EV0ziZp
You Tube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChASrkInxe6xbtv7by254sg

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