SEROCS “The Temple Of Knowledge” (Track Premiere)

Release date: June 26th 2020 (CD/DIGITAL)

“In a post-truth era where the qualitative is supplanted by the quantitative, our temple of knowledge is the endless dataflow in which we bathe and drown. Solemn and engulfing in magnitude, it symbolizes power and virtue. But when data is the currency with which we evaluate our human experience, when we share “facts” in total disregard for truth, and when reliable knowledge is so readily available that we do not care anymore to seize it, information as a communication vector suffers a loss of meaning. Like an old relic, the temple is near but who’s even looking?”

“The Temple Of Knowledge” is the second single chosen for the release of the Serocs’ EP “Vore”.
The stellar line-up, featuring members of Chthe’ilist, Benighted and Sutrah, returns two years after their masterpiece “The Phobos/Deimos Suite” with a brand new EP consisting of 5 face melting tracks pushing the envelop of technical yet brutal Death Metal once again.

Laurent Bellemare – Vocals
Antonio Freyre – Guitar
Antoine Daigneault – Guitar, Bass
Kévin Paradis – Drums



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