VAMPIRE Hand of Doom interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int June 20th 2020

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Having risen from the proverbial grave in 2011, VAMPIRE released their self-titled demo a year later. Immediately hailed by taste makers such as Darkthrone’s Fenriz and fans, who raided 300 copies of the demo in a week.

VAMPIRE’s vicious yet evocative style set fire to convention, Signed by Century Media a year later, the Gothenburg’s quickly set out to work on their debut album. Released in the abyssal spring of 2014, VAMPIRE’s self-titled debut was received with much praise where-as the group’s artistic endeavors already became less to-the-face and more atmospheric on the following “Cimmerian Shade” EP 2015 and even more so on the second album, “With Primeval Force” in 2017.

”Rex” the bands 3rd effort released on June 19 2020 via Century Media Records while the pre-sales have started as of last April 24th.

Tracking list:

“Rex” is easily the most dynamic and detailed record by VAMPIRE to date, it exposes a thrashing fierceness as well as a very sinister vibe, it’s pure, uncompromising, epic yet utterly possessed metal madness! This record will strike its fangs deep in your flesh and won’t let go of your neck!

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