GAEREA interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int July 4th 2020.

All rights reserved to Gaerea.

Gaerea is a Portugese Black Metal band that is a creative project by the “unknown” band members who have an in-satiable appetite for art formed in 2016, According to even the band themselves, they are not sure what they are other than the black metal roots, as people will hear other influences depending on each section of each song, from Doom, Death, Hardcore or Sludge, as the music is a melting pot of art both musically and conceptually.

The band signs with the Italian Label Everlasting Spew Records and releases the debut self titled EP “Gaerea” on 11th November 2016.

Portuguese black metal group Gaerea have made on of the 2018 year’s best black metal albums with debut full-length “Unsettling Whispers”

GAEREA present their second album “Limbo” which which will be released on July 24th 2020 by Season Of Mist Records.

Track List: 
1. To Ain
2. Null
3. Glare
4. Conspiranoia
5. Urge
6. Mare

GAEREA challenges the archetype of black metal, coloring outside of the genre’s lines with melancholy, texture and passion. ‘Limbo’ devours the listener with misanthropic catharsis and cinematic agony, delivering palpable emotion for 52 uninterrupted minutes.

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