LACRIMA MORTIS Requiem interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int July 11th 2020.

All rights reserved to Lacrima Mortis.

Lacrimas Mortis is a Doom/Death metal band exploring the feeling creating a sound that celebrates life’s delusions and morbidness.

The band started in march of 2016 and after some line up changes with a group of people that share the same taste for a slow and deprecatory music and started rehearsing and crafting their sound.

Lacrima Mortis Line-Up:
Dread – Vocals
Requiem – Guitars/Acoustic
Baud – Guitars
Reverend Reaper – Bass Guitar
Scavenger – Drums

The band released their first EP Optare Mortem on April 20th 2017 independently.

Posthumous debut full length album of the brasilian doom/death metal band Lacrima Mortis contains 9 tracks.

01. Miserere
02. The Ruins of Desolation 
03. Distress & Decadence
04. Words Of Blood
05. Saudade
06. Imprisoned in Death
07. Optare Mortem
08. Shades of Destiny
09. Dereliquite deyum (outro)

Posthumous the band new effort represent a conceptual approach to themes of life and death.

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