ROME IN MONOCHROME Valerio Granieri interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int July 18th 2020

All rights reserved to Rome In Monochrome.

The band was founded in 2013 and after several line-up changes and target adjustments, in 2015 released the debut EP “Karma Anubis”

In February 2018 Rome In Monochrome have signed with Solitude Productions/Bad Mood Man Music and released the first full-length album “Away from Light” in March.

1.Ghosts Of Us 06:34
2.A Solitary King 06:29
3.Paranoia Pitch Black 07:44
4.Uterus Atlantis 04:04
5.December Remembrances 09:23
6.Until My Eyes Go Blind 03:16
7.Between The Dark And Shadows 06:45
8.Only The Cold 09:39

When you feel you are haunted by your ghosts, just listen: Rome In Monochrome is whispering into your ears that we are all dead, even when alive.

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