BEGOTTEN Bobby Prentice Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int Aug 1st 2020

All rights reserved to Begotten.

Begotten is the depressive brainchild of you Bobby doing guitars, bass, clean vocals, drum programming with the help of you Dave managing guitar, engineering, mixing, mastering and topped off by you Thomas the Vocalist.

In 2017 ideas were brought up to record a full-length album, and the process was started on what would become “A Waning Silhouette”, completely self-recorded and self-promoted the album was released on April 23rd 2018 independently and not wanting to lose momentum, the band released a EP consisting of one song over two tracks titled “And The Wind Cries Death” on November 8th 2018.

The band’s second full length “If All You Have Known Is Winter” was released on March 19th 2020 via To Dust Productions.

01.Useless 07:46
02.If All You Have Known Is Winter 06:52
03.As If Tomorrow Shall Never Dawn 04:51
04.Malaise 09:12

The album saw the band take a more aggressive and straight forward approach than the previous two and coupled with a cleaner production style this helped Begotten appeal to a wider audience.”

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