VOID ROT “Inversion” (Track Premiere)

[BUY PHYSICAL] https://bit.ly/2D1RA8J
[BUY DIGITAL] https://bit.ly/2YDoEft
Release date: September 11th 2020 (CD/VINYL/TAPE/DIGITAL)
Vinyl/Digital (Americas) and Tape (Worldwide) by Sentient Ruin Laboratories (https://bit.ly/38hssX3)

Uprising US Death Doom titans Void Rot will finally land their debut full length upon mankind after an EP and a split with Atavisma. Ominous. Threatening. Crushing.
“Inversion” is the third single chosen for the release of Void Rot’s debut album “Descending Pillars”.

JH – Guitars, Vocals, Synths
KS – Guitars
CC – Bass
WB – Drums

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