DRAMA NOIR Nyctelios Interviewed on TMB MMR Int August 15th 2020

All rights reserved to Drama Noir.

Drama Noir is a symphonic black/death metal band from Greece, the band was formed in 2017 by Mephisto (ex-Disharmony) and in 2018, with the help of some session members, they recorded the first single, “A Forgotten Warrior” and Almost immediately, Yngve became a full member and with Gregory Barlas (vocals), and the world wide known soprano Elpiniki Zervou also joining as full members, the band released its first full length album “Princess Airam”.

Drama Noir line-up:
Nyctelios – Vocals/Lyrics
Mephisto – Guitars/Keys
Peisithanatos – Bass
Yngve – Drums

Greek Atmospheric Blackend/Death metal band DRAMA NOIR will launch their 2nd album entitled “A Necromancy Lore”. via the iconic French underground record company Drakkar Productions this coming August 31st 2020.

The album tracking list:
1 – Desert Draconids
2 – Chaos Melathron
3 – Luminous Seduction
4 – Devolution in the Curve of Time
5 – The Last Incarnation
6 – Relics of My Enemies
7 – Withed Curse
8 – Cyber Necromancer of Doom

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