GORATORY “Evolutionary Wart” (Track Premiere)

[BUY PHYSICAL] https://bit.ly/3hoz1dW
[BUY DIGITAL] https://bit.ly/32nvtlU
Release date: October 16th 2020 (CD/VINYL/DIGITAL)

Boston/Massachusetts sickest perverts finally back after SIXTEEN years with a NEW album of degenerating, grinding and schizoid technical Brutal Death! Feat. current and ex members from Deeds Of Flesh, Arsis and Job For A Cowboy.
“Evolutionary Wart” is the second single chosen for the release of Goratory’s comeback album “Sour Grapes”.

Alan Glassman – Guitars
Zachary Pappas – Bass
Darren Cesca – Drums
Adam Mason – Vocals

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