MARCHE FUNEBRE Arne & Dennis interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int Aug 29th 2020

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“MARCHE FUNEBRE” was formed somewhere in the last days of 2007 when guitar players Peter Egberghs & Kurt Blommé sealed a pact together with bass player Roel Van Doorsselaere to write and play metal in the spirit of the old Peaceville Three bands (Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema) and old Katatonia. After some months searching for likeminded musicians they found vocalist Arne Vandenhoeck and drummer Dennis Lefebvre to complete the band.

“Marche Funèbre” is one of those bands that for the last decade brought to the doom metal scene and fans great music with outstanding release like their debut album the Ep “Norizon” followed by their debut full length album “To Drown” in 2011, and tow years after the band released their 2nd full length “Roots Of Grief” in 2013 and continuing the evolution and progressing of the band with each album in 2017 their third full-length, “Into The Arms Of Darkness” has seen the light, followed by splits with A Thousand Sufferings (2017) and Eye Of Solitude (2018), alongside killer EP “Death Wish Woman” (2018).

Hypnotic Dirge records, Solitude Productions and The Vinyl Division will release Marche Funèbre’s 4th album on September 25th 2020.

Album tacking list:
1. Scarred (9:54)
2. The Eye of The End (7:10)
3. When All Is Said (11:23)
4. The Maelstrom Mute* (7:01)
5. Deformed (9:53)
6. Einderlicht (10:53)

2020 sees the release of Marche Funèbre‘s 4th full length album. The Belgian quintet has built a steady reputation of making a unique blend of eclectic doom death metal, and their new album proves to be the pinnacle of their growth.Entitled ‘Einderlicht‘, which translates as the light at/of the end, the new album brings all the elements known from Marche Funèbre: death, black, and doom metal in a unique mix, with strong melodies and a wide vocal approach.

The March is coming… with the sound of DOOM!

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