DESOLATOR Stefan Nordström interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int October 3rd 2020

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“DESOLATOR” entered the scene with the “Gravefeast” demo in 2010 and a split with Greek death metal band “Resurgency” in 2011, the debut album “Unearthly Monument” came out in 2013 on Hellthrasher Productions, a killer debut full length album in the vein of bands like : “Entombed” and “Dismember”.

The band choose to start to move in an other direction with their 2016 EP “Spawn of Misanthropy” and showed a move away from the Stockholm sound with the addition of more dissonance and creative riffing akin to the work of early Morbid Angel and Immolation.

• Stefan Nordström : Guitars, Vocals
• Joakim Rudemyr : Guitars, Vocals
• Jonas Bergkvist : Bass, Vocals
• Victor Parri : Drums

The band second full length album “Sermon of Apathy” album tracking list.

1. Portal Tomb
2. Adversarial Doctrine
3. Creatures Of Habit
4. Methods of Self-deception
5. The Human Condition.
6. Vaticide
7. The Great Law of the Dead

Once again Swedish Black Lion Records released the Swedish Stockholm based death metal battalion Desolator’s impending album, “Sermon of Apathy” last September 4th 2020.

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