Deeds of Flesh – Nucleus (Official Music Video)

Artist: Deeds of Flesh
Track: Nucleus
Album: Nucleus
Year: 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records

Featuring guest vocals from John Gallagher of Dying Fetus
Featuring guest guitar solo from Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth


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They travelled over eons of time to arrive
Sent here by the elder race to thrive
A being not of their making, but discovery
Found within a violent star system
Captured, observed and used for benefit
Scientifically altered to survive eternally

They have the tools to unleash the power of the mind
Lying dormant for millions of years
Beings that live in tune with the earth
Awaiting the time to intervene
A phytochemical enhancement
An enviable union for

Beasts of the sea, awaken and arise
Colossal, they will fight, Join us in battle

Sent to the earth for a time of need
They’ve hidden and survived
How they’ve grown over eons of time
They are called by the Ethereal Ancestors

Let the process begin, It’s time for war
They are calling us to the seas
Only the worthy will receive the seed

The strong, the wise, the vital…implanted
The mind released to full potential

Nucleus beasts pierce the surface of the sea
To unleash the parasitic seeds of war
Monstrous to behold
Like nothing modern man had seen
Tentacles spew forth and unleash the parasites

Starting a chain reaction, that awakens the unconscious mind
Now strong, now wise and vital…implanted

They are powerful, and they will fight
They will drown the remaining juggernauts
The last of the human race is telepathically called
Called to the waters
For The Conjoining
Leaving man to finish the Alyen race

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