Krosis – Terminus (Solem Vatem Redux – Official Music Video)

Artist: Krosis
Track: Terminus
Album: Solem Vatem Redux
Year: 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records

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Solem Vatem Redux is the second part of KROSIS’ Memoir Anthology, a series of three releases including a re-release of their debut album Mount of Sacrifice, a re-release of their 2018 Unique Leader label debut Solem Vatem and there will be a brand new EP to come in 2021. Solem Vatem Redux featured all new recordings and mixes by Brandon Scurlark of Eltar Studios and a new master by Jamie King (The Contortionist, Between The the Buried and Me). It also retains the original’s guest performances from Pierre Daniel of Kadinja, John Robert C. of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia


In the end, we all ask ourselves the same thing.
We ask “why”.
Why do we lead such painful lives?
Why do we attempt to overcome all?

The worlds grave is full of unaccepting souls.
Forever wandering through the limbo known as death, all begging for an answer.
All gazed upon from a single point of view.
A point of ease and content.

We are niether coerced to move towards, nor stray from it.
We must create our own footpath.
Further advancing our weakened, frail minds towards exemption of affliction.

What waits for us is nothing more than a pipe dream to the living.

It is a past we once forgot.
It is a well earned terminus for the infinitely lost-A confidence, aspiration, achievement.
It is proof that we do not live for a grievous end.
It is what carries the flame.


My hands are bound by the tendrils of corruption. This darkness begins to feed upon my psyche. Descending deeper into the serpents snare, this fight will be my last. The blood of all our brothers utilized to make us stronger. We must evolve beyond our ultimate forms. Vultures encircle. The oppressors see our true selves. Cowering in agony, getting their heads caved in. Lay all your insecurities to rest, we are capable of anything that we put our minds to. We are elite! You cannot hold us back!

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