Pillory – “Imminent Obliteration” (Official Music Video)

Artist: Pillory
Track: Imminent Obliteration
Album: Scourge Upon Humanity
Year: 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records

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Imminent Obliteration

What does the future hold?
What is the gift of all species?
What is the worth of all life?

The poison fills the skies, clouding our vision, time to accept this unexpected fate
There’s no turning back
Nothing to delay the end, countdown the final moments. Your mind is racing, reliving every second,
Trying to not let go

Priorities will not align with majority interest
The destination of many controlled by few
You last scream will be your final say, a billion voices, extinguished as one

Through the evolution and cognitive thought, progress has been made
The progression towards swift, and total obliteration

First wiping out sustained sources that would procure continuance
Through terror tactics and tribal misleading’s

When the light is seen, it will be too late, reality will erase every burden
The energy dispersion occurs in milliseconds
You must concede

An Accretion disk
As the earth it ceases to exist

An Accretion disk
As the earth it ceases to exist

Widespread panic dismantles
Our internal infrastructures

Residual radioactive material propelled into the upper atmosphere
Radioactive dust and fission products mixed with bystanding atoms
Neutron activated by exposure

The truth of our life cycle is fully realized

Imminent finality
Erased and without subsistence

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