FINNTROLL Vreth Interviewed on TMB MMR Int Oct 31st 2020

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FINNTROLL were conceived one drunken night in March 1997. With a heavy dose of beer and vodka mixing a folkish melody in the “Humppa” style of Finnish polka with heavy guitars seemed a great idea to axeman Somnium (ex-Thy Serpent, Impaled Nazarene) and vocalist Katla.

When the duo sobered up, the concept still kept its original appeal and thus the mighty FINNTROLL came into being, and have a career spanning over two decades, six full-length albums, one live album and two EPs.

FINNTROLL current line up is:
Trollhorn – Keyboards, Orchestrations, Guitars, Banjo, Mouth Harp
Tundra – Bass
Skrymer – Guitars
Routa – Guitar
Vreth – Vocals
Virta – Keys
MörkÖ – Drums

“Blodsvept” the band’s 6 full length album that was released March 2nd 2013 and have represented a change from the usual blackened folk style of the band to a more industrial folk style.

7 years later you return to Century Media Records of the release of “Vredesvävd” which is set for release on September 18th 2020.

1. Intro
2. Att Döda Med En Sten
3. Ormfolk
4. Gränars Väg
5. Forsen
6. Vid Häxans Härd
7. Myren
8. Stjärnornas Mjöd
9. Mask
10. Ylaren
11. Outro

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