Deeds of Flesh – Ethereal Ancestors (Feat: George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – Official Track Premiere)

Artist: Deeds of Flesh
Track: Ethereal Ancestors
Album: Nucleus
Year: 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records


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ETHEREAL ANCESTORS – Feat: George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher

Unearthly scrolls submerged in the depths of the seas
Contain an archaic text Depicting the hidden truths
That all matter originates and exists by virtue of a force
A cosmic web of energy eternally feeding knowledge and power

Un-sensed by man’s infantile grasp
One race has mastered the code
A benevolent race of omniscient beings
They are we!
Progenitor of our blood
Spawned in the galactic center
Millions of years before the dawn of our genesis

Lying in wait, man’s intelligent spawners, the Ethereal Ancestors
Responsible for interjection of increased knowledge
A Seismic shift, beyond our capability to comprehend
Gifts bestowed upon us to enlighten our psyche
And unleash our full potential from parasitic venom
Uploading new powers
But first, emotions must be wiped away
We…we are spawns
Freed from the confines of the flesh
A great enhanced
ability implanted
A creation of the overseers
We were given life
and designed for war
We have learned to harness
Aggression naturally
We are strong, young and vital
We are full of Virvum…with destructive desire
The age of change is among us, and has come too fast

Now the process must be escalated
To defend the knowledge long survived
We must unite the power with the weapon
It’s time to unleash the conjoining

Hear the call from the deep
Awakening humanity

We are drawn to the sea
By the Nucleus beasts

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