DEMONICAL Martin Schulman Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio International November 21st 2020

All right reserve to Demonical,

Demonical was spawned in March 2006 by Centinex member Martin Schulman (bass) and former Centinex members Johan Jansson (guitars & vocals), and Ronnie Bergerståhl (drums) with a mission to return to the roots of death metal and deliver a sheer dose of darkness and brutality.

Demonical’s full line-up is as follows:
Christofer Säterdal (vocals, Fimbultyr)
Eki Kumpulainen (lead guitar, Skulldrain / Undivine)
Johan Haglund (rhythm guitar, Spasmodic)
Martin Schulman (bass, Centinex)
Ronnie Bergerstål (drums, Julie Laughs Nomore / World Below / ex-Centinex / ex-Grave)

Over the years Demonical have released outstanding albums in 2007 “Servants of The Unlight” in 2009 “Hellsworn” In 2011 “Death Infernal” In in 2013 “Darkness Unbound” and last in 2018 “Chaos Manifesto” not to forget demos, Eps and split albums.

Swedish death metal squad DEMONICAL released a new studio album titled “World Domination” on October 23rd 2020 via Agonia Records.

1. My Kingdom Done 
2. Hellfire Rain
3. Aeons of Death
4. The Thin Darkness 
5. We Stand as One
6. Victorious
7. Slipping Apart
8. Calescent Punishment

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