BLISS OF FLESH Necurat Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int December 5th 2020

All right reserved to Bliss of Flesh.

Formed in 1999, French dark metallers BLISS OF FLESH have always been a very charismatic band. Their obscure brand of non typical, lyrically and musically thoughtful, obscure black/ death metal has aroused genuine passion in many European lands.

Necurat – Vocals
Sikkardinal – Guitars
FleshStigma – Drums
J.Poison – Bass

BLISS OF FLESH developed a conceptual trilogy of three albums inspired by Dante’sTrilogy : Divine Comedy, “Emaciated Deity” 2009 – “Beati Pauperes Spiritu” 2013 wihch means
Blessed are the poor in spirit and the album “Empyrean” released in 2017 on Listenable concluded such trilogy.

The bands fourth full length album was just released Oct 30th 2020 via Lisenable Records.

Tracklisting :
1) Serve
2) Genesis
3) Vanitas
4) Krieg
5) Hexis
6) Panem
7) Tyrant
8) Mors
9) Naturae

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