MISANTHROPIA Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int Dec 12th 2020

All right reserved to Misanthropia.

MISANTHROPIA is a symphonic black/death metal band from the Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands, that was born in the winter of 2004 from the ashes of “Throned by Tyranny”.

They performed at many shows and festivals before recording their 2010 album “Slang Des Doods”

After some line-up changes in 2014, “MISANTHROPIA” was ready to start recording a brand-new album “Omertà” in 2015, which saw the light April 2016.

Bram Koller – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Schoenmaker – Lead Guitars
Pepijn Heilbron – Bass
Thijs Mulders – Keyboard (Studio Musician)
Hugo De Waal – Drums

“Convoy of Sickness” will be released December 4th 2020 via Massacre Records and it contains 10 tracks.

01. Convoy Of Sickness
02. Silent War
03. Pathological Desire To Kill
04. Nicodemus Narcissus
05. Sorrow Made Flesh
06. Aan De Herwijnse Zijde
07. The Unburied
08. The Eagle And The Hare
09. Roze Balletten
10. Through The Eye Of The Needle

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