EP: Begotten
Releases: February 19, 2021 via Hollowed Records
Genre: Blackened Deathcore
Location: Brighton, England
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anightintheabyss
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anightintheabyss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anightintheabys
Bandcamp: https://anightintheabyss.bandcamp.com

Engineered at Apex Audio
Mixed and Mastered by Jigsaw Audio
Video by Loki Films

Oh this curiosity became apparent to me
When the word of spoken fables and greatness became reality
It told of Fame, riches and the most prominent promise of immortality

Hidden in the ancient crypts
My destiny lies in the depths of this anathema
This is my last passage
The tell tales of my vast prodigiousness
Revere and praise me

Driven by greed and fanaticism
The preeminent accomplishment is in reach of my grasp
But I can’t shake the feeling of this cynicism
Premonitions of untimely death, rapture of the soul
An eternal rapture of the soul

So begins the long trail
As our fable unfurls on most darkest of nights
Let brimstone light our way
As disciples of sun fall and valorous might we must carry forth

The most dismal of days await
Thawing decaying death
Shield my eyes from the hail
Glaciate from the core of my shell

Oh, the air is so clear
The familiar chill of the boreal breeze as it braces me dear
On the bleakest hyperborean nights

For weeks we rode across the planes guided by astral stars
My hunger for my prize grows stronger as we draw ever closer

We edge ever closer
Towards the tomb that slyly shades the cursed Necropolis
A site to behold
Dead remains strewn throughout the land

Unearthed, I gaze into the gaping pit
I teeter on the edge, emancipate all looming anxieties
I shall take this to the grave
I wish it known, in life and death
I succeeded that wretched fucking knave

Transfixed by stagnant beauty
And now I know that
I fell in awe with the abyss
An endless fascination with the darkness
Enter through the crypt (of my mind)

Enduring suffering, pre-meditating death not self-discovery
This disdain of existence immortal in its persistence from start to death

We descend down the crepuscule hole
My heart beats faster, excitement rushes through me
A soothing sense of bliss, euphoric ecstasy

I would not bow before it’s majesty
A brief respite from the pain
The coursing hate in these veins still flowing
And still a child fathered from piss and shit
I knew it’s name but I would not dare speak it

The catacombs stretched for miles & miles
A labyrinth of death and disease
Scriptures of ancient tongues smeared across the walls
Spelling out sacrificial rites

We gravitate down further to find the stone door
In which showed where it lies
Instructions to unlock the forsaken vessel read as thus
“Bring me the blood of the innocent
Consume the essence of the tomb, regain my power”

Without hesitation I turn on my comrades and slice the first across the neck
As he gargles in this own filth, I lock eyes with the next
I pin him down against the wall
Slice down the abdomen, his innards pour
The door reveals what i’ve been finally waiting for

A groan deep from the dark spills forth to taint the nature of my heart

My eyes dilated
My palms drenched in their blood
I remove the slab and do not wait to devour what’s inside
Force down the remains of the sarcophagus down my oesophagus

Retching I feel my insides churning
Spewing a black mass as the pores on my skin start to ooze

Voices loom stuck in my head, constant malicious laughter
I start to elevate and my bones start to break

Lowered down into the grave
As this presence locks my limbs in place
Lay catatonic In this frozen state
Countless hands emerge from ghostly lands
Worshipping carnal lust and sacrificial plight

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