Bound in Fear – “Cardinal Sin” (Official Lyric Video)

Artist: Bound in Fear
Track: Cardinal Sin
Album: Eternal
Year: 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records

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Ben Mason – Vocals
Ben Sutherland – Guitar
Steven Hunt – Guitar
Keir Campbell – Bass
Alex Richins – Drums


It drowns out my mind
Violently shaking
I feel the room quaking

Empty place of darkness
Houses black from pain
Drag my head to the mother fucking chopping block
Hidden in this soul prison
Know what you are
You’re just a waste of fucking life

Dead meat
Your head on a stake is where you’ll fucking be

He’ll watch us wriggle and writhe
Sadistically clamping down our bodies to the floor

The rooms of darkness bleed
I hear his whispers
He hears my screams
Nothing can save me from the pain he breathes
His gaze burns straight through me

Sat in the corner, no empathy
Consumed I feel the light stream out of me
Do I lay in comfort or is it despair?
A feeling long lost but just dwells in its lair
Never gone, just a seamless tear
Nothing mends it
I’m lost in disillusion

I’m still stuck in this place
Shackled and bound in its embrace
Paralysed in fear of the man with no face
Drag me to my grave



Caged in darkness
Shrouded in their screams
Endlessly I search for the light within.

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