EP: My Suffering
Releases: February 14, 2021
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Canada/Florida
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divinedestruction
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/divinedestructionfl
Bandcamp: https://divinedestruction.bandcamp.com
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Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by https://www.facebook.com/al0xs0v0gny
Artwork by Chad Austin of Hate Priest
Video by Alex Sevigny

We live in eternal suffering
A corpse walking upright as if everything is fine
There is no blinding light of the heavens
There is no fire or screams of the damned
Only the most frightening thing and that is silence

Walking day by day in active decay
But I know that this is what’s meant to be

There is no pearly gate in fucking end
There is no fire and brimstone we are alone

Open your eyes and see that there is nothing waiting for us
Our future is as black and empty as the deepest void


No god is waiting to give us bliss
No devil is waiting to give us suffering

There’s nothing but pain in this world and we use false idols as a crutch
We use it to start our wars and prosecute those who view the world differently
I wish you could see the world I see
Come die with me

And see that when you take your last breath
That there is nothing greater than you and I
We were born to suffer then die

There is no god only ignorance

Ignorance is bliss

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