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EP: Begotten
Releases: February 19, 2021 via Hollowed Records
Genre: Blackened Deathcore
Location: Brighton, England
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anightintheabyss
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anightintheabyss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anightintheabys

Engineered at Apex Audio
Mixed and Mastered by Jigsaw Audio
Video by Hollowed Graphix

The crack between hide and flesh
Slashed, whipped and flayed
Lashed for the sins of my father, a decrepit malnourished monster
Sadistic nurture, a loveless torture to fill an empty soul
The caress of this tender hate, oh why might I suffer this fate?

Oh dear mother please send me signs and guide me
A light in the dark, a slithering of hope
So I can live, adhere to my pathetic pleas
A safe passage through the cracks of these malicious deeds

4 years have passed, since I have felt at all enamoured
The crows caw a song, each one more bleaker than the latter
Its as if even so, suffering helped me to go
And leave this coffin for the woods that bestowed

Falling into an abyss.
Seeking solace in the suffering, embrace the ambiguity of what is in life
And though, The skies are grey, the darkness overbearing
A hollowed soul, retching from disease and famine
Either I am dead or just the ghost that was me

A bastard child black hearted
Condemned to Martyrdom
Through the looking glass a realm of isolation
Death procured my blight.

In debt to the black arts yet
Obstinate in cessation
Abhorred at the mere sight
The son of self afflictions plight

A sudden glimmer of anguish spills forth, for I know I am too late
“Father, please forgive me for it will not happen again”
The sunken sallow eyes just glare at me
I ensure a brutal lashing

My mind dwells on the despair accompanied with the deafening loneliness
The constant swirling in my head, as the pressure builds the cataclysm
Scratching at my scalp, tearing out chunks of hair and flesh

Oh someone please hear my pleas
Someone please adhere to my needs

Peel the flesh from bones, consume it
Call of Baal, the night grows cold
Exhuming all last trace of life,
The definition of contorting ones soul

That’s when the shadow shows it’s near
The same that lurked my steps
The warming comfort of the being
As I embrace the feeling of nothingness it overtakes me
Becoming at one with the plague

It takes my hand, the gentle touch of a friend
It fills my tender heart with joy and the relief of unraveling stress

“Oh dear friend, take me elsewhere, I’m sick of this miserable place”
This shadow lures me down trails I’ve not seen yet before
A face so familiar, an aura so pure

Through twisted trees and deep marsh swamp, trudging evermore
We tread to the clear opening
This cruel beast pulled me down the crack
A ravine that lay near. Thus completing the ritual

Thine father sent into a blind rage at my recent disappearance
The rotten cunt thrashing ‘round the house looking for his blade
Raises it to the sky
Before scarring his head for the plague

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