J0KeR’s Electric Circus Radio Show – Interview With – Ricardo Santos Torn Fabriks – @ MMR 2-12-21

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In This Interview We Talk All Things Torn Fabriks With Ricardo Santos of Torn Fabriks & Mind Consumption EP (2021) Released:11-20-21 debut EP on Firecum Records
Firecum Records:

Torn Fabriks marks the union of three old school metalheads, Jorge Matos (Earth Syndicate) Ricardo Santos (Morbid Death)(Azores) Paulo Soares (Rageful)
From Lisbon, Portugal, the band is Jorge Matos (guitar), Ricardo Santos (bass, vocals), and Paulo Soares (drums). They appear to have sprung out of the ether, coming together from the bands Sindicato da Terra, Morbid Death, and Rageful. They play a familiar brand of traditional thrash, in many ways on the edge of what we used to call speed metal. Fast and straight-forward, it is music for the masses.
The EP has six songs and it runs a bit over twenty minutes. There is noticeable filler throughout but there are also healthy portions of tasty shreds which are worth the wait. You can hear social and political commentary in the lyrics, but the bigger draw is the catchy music and that is what fans will be drawn to and remember, I think.
Opener ‘Respect’ begins with a Testament style intro, harrowing screams echoing before a massive riff erupts and things get a bit feisty. Within seconds you can tell that the three-piece have nailed the biggest challenge that faces any trio, creating a solid sound. Torn Fabriks do that with ample room to spare. The track races away, balanced by some slower segments that allow time to catch the breath. It’s that frenetic – immediately.
With six songs to plough through, there is little time wasted. Idiocracy Level follows, another raging track that has a melodic undercurrent, but which doesn’t slow down. The rampaging Face It maintains the momentum, the track veering more towards the relentless drive of Sodom and Destruction in its pulverising approach. Powerful double bass kicks, jagged riffs and a thunderous feel all work in a pleasing and certainly old school combination. It may not be massively original, but there is an aural assault that should please those who like their thrash served with no frills and straight to the head.
The three remaining tracks continue in a similar vein. Felt the Treason boils with anger, the lyrics spat out with venom. ‘Bring Me Down’ may be the shortest song on the release but it packs a solid punch and possibly the award for the fastest song on the record with a pleasing chugging section that works well. Closer ‘Evil8’ features a snippet of Vincent Price which is cut short by a raging punk-infused feel which would incite the quietest crowd to mosh.
If you like you thrash served with a studded wristband and a bullet belt, Torn Fabriks may well have provided one of the most appetising treats for early 2021. Certainly something to get the teeth stuck into.
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