Album: Eclipse
Releases: April 2021
Genre: Tyrant Worship
Location: Maryland, USA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/disembodiedtyrantof

Vocals – Donovan Parchment
Instrumentals – HVLFERN

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Disembodied Tyrant
Artwork/Logo by Heptagram Design
Video by Malevolent Media

There is no longer longer remorse for the damned
Unending pain and torment

If there is a god then I despise him, for dooming our world to a void of infinite rage
If there is a faith then it is futile for no mere mortal can end this curse

Engulfing, Maiming endless wh*res,
I see them all as rotten f**king specimens

Ripping and tearing this first born anew anus,
I take out my shotgun and press it against his spine
I blow his ribcage 50 feet

I watch the carcass get cradled by the weeping mother

Sacrificial slaughter i maimed everything in my sight,
He looks through my eyes and commands me to r*pe

I am the incarnate of satan, Sacrilege lives through

Mouth agape at the carnage brought forth by the demonic precision of WRATH

I am immortalized in the blood of infant children
I am the prophet that the holy book has written
Taken down to hell a slave by decision
Seen as a martyr, a vile son of perdition
The serpent spoke of one, a foul dream of torment

I have served him well

If there is a god then I despise him for dooming our world to a void of infinite rage
If there was a hope then it is lost forever to the damnation that awaits all

Dismembered, Dragged down to hell
Raped to death, I have served the tyrant well

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℗ & © 2021 Disembodied Tyrant
All rights reserved.

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