DISTANT – Rituals: Rakva & Vermilion Rivers (Official Video)

Songs: Rakva & Vermillion Rivers

Album: Aeons of Oblivion

Releases: June 11, 2021 via Unique Leader Records

Genre: Downtempo/Deathcore

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Spotify: https://sptfy.com/distant

Website: http://www.distantofficial.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DistantOfficial

Instagram: instagram.com/distantofficial

Twitter: @DistantNL

Bandcamp: http://distantofficial.bandcamp.com


Alan Grnja – Vocals

Vladimir Golic – Guitar

Nouri Yetgin – Guitar

Eise Smit – Guitar

Elmer Maurits – Bass

Jan Mato – Drums


Produced by DISTANT, Simone Pietroforte

Mixed and Mastered by Simone Pietroforte at Divergent Studios

Orchestrations by Jack Higgs

Artwork By Caelan Stokkermans

Logo by Alan Grnja / Almanc Designs

Directed, Shot & Edited by Bart Sperling

Gaffer: Jeroen Uriot

AC: Willard Jonathans

BTS: Dian van den Heuvel, Luca Roman, Yael Jeuster

Production Assistent: Ida de Jong

B-roll assistent: Jasper Riksen

Set Design: Stef Heijnen-Bakker

Actors: Pascal Balić, Stephen Duinmayer, Luca Roman, Ivar Rombouts, Darryll Giersthove, Sabine Loonstra



“The sound of the broken bones, echoing my head

My eyes see nothing but a darkness I was born in

Rotting teeth burrowed in your flesh

Mouldy wounds lacerating decay

Minions of my cult devouring civilizations

The hope-takers banished darkness

Forever tormenting the weakest pest amongst these grounds

You are nothing but a mere worms

Nothing but a nourishment to please my taste and to grow me stronger

I’m the catalyst of this damnation

The embodied revenge

The cryptic legacy

I am the end of all

For centuries of the deception

Bow to your true king

For I am the extinction entity

Serving the royal blood

I am the end of all

Bow to your true king”


“We are the nightmares that hunger for your hope

The taste of revenge is on the tip of the serpent’s tongue

The waters run like a bloodstream of the fucking damned

Never ending flow of chaos in perpetual suffering

Open your eyes and witness,

the rebirth of the architect

Crawling from the rift of desolation

Witness the infinite end

Gaze into the void

Behold the absolute end

Perpetual torment

Feed their civilizations with blood of their lord

Behold the end I bring down on your kind

Behold the absolute end”

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