Bound in Fear – Penance feat. Nick Arthur (Official Video)

Artist: Bound in Fear
Track: Penance
Album: Penance
Year: October 15th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore/DownTempo/Beatdown/Death Metal

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Ben Mason – Vocals
Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution – Guest Vocals
Ben Sutherland – Guitar
Steven Hunt – Guitar
Keir Campbell – Bass
Alex Richins – Drums


Pain is my penance, life is my sin
Seeking my vengeance
Will I ever find my peace

Choke on the words you speak
Exiled for heresy, doomed by a past so bleak
I long for the closure they stole from me

Where are my answers now
When you buried the truth six feet underground

This flesh disintegrates
Infatuated by all of their sins
Show the face of fear in the weakest of them
Time to pay your fucking penance

Sever the finger that points the blame
All you fake fucks have nothing to gain from me

No time for trust, no one is dependable
Friend or foe they’re all dispensable
Empathy incomprehensible

Surrendering to my hatred

Purge all memories
Ignite the fire of fury deep down within me

(Nick Arthur)
Enter at your own indiscretion
Bring your judgement through the door
Claim you wanna help me then shut me down and leave me raw

What the fuck do I have to do
For you to see the truth
Instead of swallowing your pride you’d rather fucking hide
Behind your own lies
To be honest all you motherfuckers can
Claim your blissful ignorance
And waste away

(Ben Mason)
I count down the seconds
Till you cower to your grave
As I feel your life decay
I’ll watch with a smile as your eyes turn grey

Face your punishment
Look me in the eyes as you leave your life behind
Only hell waits the other side

Struck by the hand that feeds
Stripped of all dignity
My past won’t set me free
Through these stitches I still bleed

Pain is my penance
Life is my sin
Seeking my vengeance
Will I ever find my peace

Burden my sanity
Scarring me callously
Discredit every word I say
Erase every trace of me

I’ll fucking make them see
That they’re all prey in a web of deceit
Bring forth the enemy
Commence the sentencing

Drop the blade. remove their fucking heads
And spill the blood of the enemy

Cut from my fucking life
You lied
You lie you fucking die

Fuck you
cant handle the fucking truth
Spineless cunts
The fucking lot of you

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