Alustrium – Worthless Offers (Official Video)

Artist: Alustrium
Track: Worthless Offers
Album: A Monument to Silence
Year: June 18th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Technical Death Metal

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Worthless Offers

A familiar feeling, the brush of flesh against my own
Sounds of sobbing, weeping, of melancholy, lachrymose
Surrounded by simple offers to help, to lend an ear
These empty offerings, these hollow gestures that I loathe

But it’s all the same and they whisper nothings they don’t care
Look for a chance to seem a good person without effort
They don’t know me
They never will know me
They don’t know this pain
They don’t care

I’ve been here before its thе same old story, you want to help
What you think you think you know you will nevеr understand, it’s all over
I’m just so sick of the fiction and lies, I want to die, don’t you get it?
You can’t fix this, you can’t even comprehend what’s on my mind

One by one they disappoint with lies
They offer worthless claims of false sympathy
They all say “heal thyself or talk to me”
I say “you don’t want any part of this, you don’t want to take on this burden”

It can’t all be the same and they’re saying something, they may care
Reach out to grab that hand in the hopes they will connect
Surely buried in well intentions there must be a cure
A way to reconnect, a way to sew it up, to close the gap

This is not me, I wasn’t always this way
It’s a mistake, there must be a reason to live
I remember there was once a time when I took joy in living, in being loved
Somewhere along the way a split occurred between me and the rest of the world

When I open my eyes there’s no change, still in hell
Faces blank and staring, grey around me, there’s no comfort
And these people that I once loved and hurt
They all reach out open arms marked with wounds, self-inflicted
My eyes darting frantic with withdraw, blood runs cold
Rise to feet on weakened knees with pain and start to run
Turning round they seem to be following, and slowly trudging shouting out their worthless offerings
Must get away

Please just speak to me
Please just let me in
Please just let me help
Please let me in

Please don’t leave us
I’m here for you
Please don’t say that
You will be okay

We care for you
We won’t let you down
We all love you
We can’t let you go

I don’t want to
Can’t believe
Got to get out
Make it stop

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