Signs of the Swarm – Death Whistle (Official Video)

Artist: Signs of the Swarm
Song: Death Whistle
Album: Absolvere
Release Date: September 24th
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore


All Music Written by: Signs of the Swarm
Lyrics written by : David Simonich , Cory Smarsh, Jeff Russo


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Death Whistle

I’ve become an anchor sinking in the sand
Human nature.. too much to understand
Imprisoned voices trapped in stone
Hollow just like the bones
Calling out to any who stray too close
Extending an invitation to this life’s conclusion
One gruesome solution.. Too accept it in my soul
Sanity warped; depravity and self destruction..
A call to arms to embrace a culling ov the self
War ov attrition; eroding coherence
The song ov suffering fading into perpetual silence
Demonized by the taunting terror
Suffocating; leaving me breathless
Tormented by this haunting discordant
Depravity; leaving me breathless
How many times must I wish it?
Embrace from death
This mortal breath.. a pain so fucking vivid
To be alone in this life
A world ov demise
Immersed in black light, baptism ov twilight
Immersed in twilight.. A darkness so bright
This world has swallowed me whole
Immersed in twilight
This void swallows me
The will of life stripped for eternity
What have I become.. A hollow shell
Dragged down to hell
A life not mine anymore
Voices trapped in stone invoking my self destruction
Demonized shrieks of agony
Leaving me suspended in tragedy
A blissful silence, the will of life stripped for eternity
At last, the kingdom I longed for.. frozen in time
A land never ending, repetitious cycle
My nevermore

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