Bound in Fear – Cutthroat

Artist: Bound in Fear
Track: Cutthroat
Album: Penance
Year: October 15th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore/DownTempo

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Ben Mason – Vocals
Ben Sutherland – Guitar
Steven Hunt – Guitar
Keir Campbell – Bass
Alex Richins – Drums


Can’t let it stay bottled up inside
Can’t let it fester
Eating away it never gets better
Manifest this feeling
Into something that will only fester

Unforgiven lies

Left in ruin to breed havoc
This affliction is my own homeopathic erratic habit
A fixation, a burning mane
I caught this addiction

Let the sorrow fill the air
A long line of hearts locked in despair

Barbed wire veins left in the mould and rust
Feeding the outrage

Moral compass pulling south
You are your own worst enemy

Break out the fucking cage
Crush the lies and deceit
A sting to the system addicted to the pain

I wait out in the ice cold rain
Run your fucking mouth
You ain’t tough, just a bitch

All out for war

I left my heart in the goddamned gutter
Just a cutthroat mother fucker

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