Bound in Fear – Null feat. Taylor Barber

Artist: Bound in Fear
Track: Null
Album: Penance
Year: October 15th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore/DownTempo

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Ben Mason – Vocals
Ben Sutherland – Guitar
Steven Hunt – Guitar
Keir Campbell – Bass
Alex Richins – Drums


Lacerating reason
Defy logic
Disguise the answers I am seeking
Underneath my skin
it boils up inside
No empathy
Just fucking null

Murmurs seep through the sullen air
Inducing paranoia enraged by my own despair
I try to escape the hate
This engulfing malignance submerging me within my fate

These inexcusable manifestations of shame
Solidifying an identity falsely portrayed
falling short of expectations

Why am I always the last to fucking know
This clenched fist snuffs all rationality

Sowing the seeds of my relentless reality
Forever taunting and tainting this duality
Mirrors painting portraits of chirality
The monster I tried to hide clear for all to see

Despondency tortures me
Despondency tortures me

Endlessly carving its face corrupting me null
Carve in my name, belong to me

Bury the rest to rid me of sin

(Taylor Barber)
I am laid to rest
Decimate the fallen ones
Bound to death as I suffer the consequence
I know you’re there
Gutting me with punishment
I feel your hand
Guiding me to pestilence

(Ben Mason)
What am I supposed to be
Because it can’t be the man I’ve become
Trapped by twisted memories
Of a child who tried to overcome

Every day another sentence I face
A myriad of judgements to erase
As my will slowly decays
Will I ever
Fix what’s broken

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