Bound in Fear – Sadist

Artist: Bound in Fear
Track: Sadist
Album: Penance
Year: October 15th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Deathcore/DownTempo

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Ben Mason – Vocals
Ben Sutherland – Guitar
Steven Hunt – Guitar
Keir Campbell – Bass
Alex Richins – Drums


Sadism grows inside
Plaguing my mind
It breeds like cancer
But I try to defend myself
Brutally it will kill us all without mercy

I can feel the calcification
Rendering me down
To feel this way
Endless decay
Will you Terminate me
From this place
(From this place)

Inner shell
(Sadists hell)
Pulling me down I can’t scream
Drenched in misery

Drenched in misery, tormented

A fractured face that holds such beauty

Deceived, by all these malformations
Guilty, an entity, a soul with no purpose
Broken smiles dress a heavy fucking burden
A senseless stare etched into my despair

I can’t see I can’t sleep, crucify please crucify these thoughts of fucking distain
And in the end I’ll never know if I’ll ever leave this hell hole

I feel the itch slipping back
Curb stomp the fucking cunt

When I see your face beaten in the ground
Fuck your pussy shit
GTHC coming for your fucking teeth

Now kneel before the sadist

Bare your sin

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