Waking the Cadaver – Arbiter of Punishment (Official Music Video)

Artist: Waking the Cadaver
Track: Arbiter of Punishment
Album: Authority Through Intimidation
Year: October 22nd 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

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Arbiter of Punishment
Music: Mayo
Lyrics: Mayo

Thoughts consume my mind
I try to fight them but they’re still defined
Engrossing agony
I’m embracing my insanity

Morbid fantasies
Sacrilegious acts and blasphemies
Planning methodically
Satiating my voracity

Who am I?
What’ve I become?
Who am I now!?
A fiend for death and violence

Searching for a victim to satisfy the lust
Filled with hatred and disgust
When I learned about you

A child molester cloaked by God’s will
You’re the one I want to kill
And bet your ass there’ll be no mercy

When I get my hands on you
You’ll regret everything you’ve done
No god can help you now
Now you’re really fucked

Waiting for you in your house
Hear you walk up your steps alone
As you enter the doorway
My cover is blown

Quoting scripture as I smash
Violently at your dome piece
A ball-peen hammer is the perfect tool
For a pedo priest

Chunks of bone fragments and blood
Littering the murder scene
A twitching body still alive
grotesque and obscene

Face down in a pool of blood
Riddled with shame and guilt
Visions of the youths you’ve stolen
With the trust you built

Father forged in sodomy
Repent at your will
Just know I’m a godless man
And I just want to kill…you

Arbiter of punishment I sentence you to agony
Stomping and smashing on your cervical spine
Arbiter of punishment now you know your soul is mine

Turn you over on your back
Alive your eyes meet mine
Amazed that you’re still alive
Stabbing my thumbs into your eyes

Blind but you still can feel
Something sharp pierce your chest
Cracking open your rib cage
Sadistic impromptu surgery

The thoracic cavity
Is open to air
Can’t spew your prayers

The heart starts to fail
Go into shock as
I sift through entrails
Your viscera I love to inhale

Getting high
On your blood
Sadistically ravaging you to a stump

Elated by
Bestowed upon you is the fate you deserve

Set the pulp of flesh on fire
Watching human garbage burn
Stench of burned sins fill the air as
Your ashes drift away

One last piece of shit on this earth
I snatched your life straight from you
Now my sick mind has a purpose
Giving lowlifes their due

Arbiter of punishment
Sentencing scumbags to their death
Arbiter of punishment
Making vile people pay their debts

Heinously I play judge and jury
Vehemently serving pain and demise
Arbiter of punishment
Never forgiving
Mercy denied

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