Waking the Cadaver – Frenzied Vehicular Rampage

Artist: Waking the Cadaver
Track: Frenzied Vehicular Rampage
Album: Authority Through Intimidation
Year: October 22nd 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

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Frenzied Vehicular Rampage
Music: Mayo
Lyrics: Mayo

On edge and running late
This prick is in the fast lane
Driving slow
Driving way too slow

Creeping up the shoulder
Next to this idiot fuck
Knock his ass into oncoming traffic
To watch him die

In my rearview I see the blood
All up on their windshield covering up
The morbid vision of someone crushed
By the weight of their truck for being dumb

Their cranium was cracked
From the vicious impact
Dead at the scene
Brain exposed to air
Skull fragments everywhere
Dead at scene

Speeding off into a fucking rage
To engage with anyone who’s in my fucking way
It’s time to slay, make my day, there’s no turning back for me

White knuckles grip the steering wheel
I can feel, the will to kill growing more deep inside, this killer ride
Gets me high on vehicular homicide

Frenzied vehicle slaughter

This cyclist
Will die so quick
My bumper
Taps his tire

He swerves off
Into a ditch
Puncture his face

Orbital socket destroyed
Frontal cortex decimated in the blink of an eye

Brains leaking out, bystanders shout
What a sight to behold
An impaled morbid spectacle for rubberneckers to see

Hop on the turnpike
To plan the next strike
Grab my 12 gauge shotgun
From the backseat for fun

Blasting round after round into this biker’s torso
Watch him crash to the ground, in pieces, still alive
Hydroplaning on guts I hear the tire screeching
Carrion road kill scum, is what this dude’s become

Cruising on the highway, smoking a big fat blunt
Getting stoned while on the road but still on the fucking hunt

Fucking hunt

Frenzied vehicular rampage

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