Extinction A.D. – Carnage

Artist: Extinction A.D.
Track: Carnage
Album: Chaos, Collusion, Carnage and Propaganda
Year: November 5th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: Metal


(music & lyrics – Rick Jimenez)
solo – Ian Cimaglia
The return to savage behavior and I’m confronted with primitive danger. Have you ever felt the whole world fall apart around you?
My chosen name is Retribution, eradicating the unproven. I won’t fall prey to this sickness, while violence is the cure
Enter the slaughterhouse
Forty years of frustration, cleanse the disease. Stare into my eyes, tell me what you see
Your only god now is misery… and its fucking eternal
Bloodlust unsatisfied, anger intensifies. And when you gasp for air at my feet, I’ll watch you die
Enter the slaughterhouse …I’ll watch you die
It’s not my place to save you. Unleash the hell I live through
No accountability, saluted as brave. I’ll shatter that thin blue line and lead you to your grave
solo – Ian Cimaglia
Dose of reality, seemed to touch a nerve. Time to discharge my rage, you get what you deserve
Rationale has wilted, the worlds in flames
solo – Rick Jimenez
Revel in carnage, fists covered in blood. Legacy is tarnished, my war has just begun

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