Pyrexia – Rule of 2 (Official Music Video)

Artist: Pyrexia
Song: Rule of 2
Album: Gravitas Maximus
Release Date: December 10th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM

Rule of 2
Music : Basile Lyrics : Beach

I pledge myself ,to the teachings and the ways of darkness,I will do what needs to be done to bring the empire greatness, conspiring in the shadows, enslaving as we conquer, your hopes of freedom are extinguished by our bloody conquest,
Centuries of confrontation, prophecies to be fulfilled, searching further for the secrets, we live to serve the dark lord, sacrifices in your name, to feed your lust for power, until I begin my ascension to the dark throne,
DARK LORD teach me the ways of power
DARK LORD you have my loyalty
DARK LORD bring forth eternal suffering
DARK LORD I now will take your place
Power is shifting ,prophecies fulfilling ,darkness consuming, the power is now mine!
I now begin my my bloody reign, consumed by my ambition and my pain, becoming the DARK LORD of the prophecies, imposing the will of darkness as foreseen
I know a time will come for me to meet my demise, will lead to my betrayal, my secrets are buried and encrypted, to be claimed one day by my dark apprentice.


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