Stillbirth – Double Fire Double Fun

Artist: Stillbirth
Song: Double Fire Double Fun
Album: Strain of Gods
Release Date: November 19th 2021
Label: Unique Leader Records
Genre: SBDM/Stoner Metal

Music & Lyrics written by: Lukas Swiaczny
Guitars & Vocals recorded by: Lukas Swiaczny
Solo in Chillpart recorded by: Lwandile Prusent
Drums recorded by: Martin Grupe
Bass-Guitars recorded by: Lukas Kaminski & Dominik Koenig

Bandmembers Stillbirth 2021:
Lukas Swiaczny – Vocals
Leonard Thoma – Guitar
Jens Strack – Guitar
Dominik K├Ânig – Bass Guitar (R.I.P.)
Lukas Kaminski – Bass Guitar
Martin Grupe – Drums

Recordings & Mixing by: DPK Studios
Audio-Master by: Demigod Recordings
Videocut & Effects: Mariel Luis
Location: Photostudio Sebastian Blesel

Double Fire Double Fun

lured by the sweet scent
of exclusivity
hunting down the prey
determined and unrelenting

the offer is huge
but you demand something special
seek and you shall find
the holy grail

the holy grail
will bring salvation

warming up with
selected opiats
ready for the real trip
now you get the holy shit

pushing you instantly forward to the limit
everything get blurred, everything gets morphed
find your way through this parallel universe
surviving in an unexplored environment

is it real or is it just a phantasy
all bystanders are transforming into zombies
you are on your own, you have to fight the evil
a hero is born, it’s time to prove yourself

prove yourself, prove yourself
show them what you got
kill them all, kill them all
madness is about to start

grabbing the first weapon which is near you
hammering on the head of the walking dead
the brain bursts, the blood splatters
you are on a killing spree

alarmed by the painful screams
the horde begins to move
bloodthirsty and unmercyful
their only desire is to feast on your flesh

zombie apocalypse is here
and you are the only one who can stop the spreading

bring back all the suffer and the pain
you witnessed in the mighty arena

you grab a machete and you grab a chainsaw
double weapon means double fire, double fun
butchering your way through the horde of the undead
free their souls from the burden of the devil

dead bodies are laying on the ground
good job your work is done
the trip has slowed down the fog has cleared up
warm blood on your hands, that’s not the blood of the undead
not the blood of the undead

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